Blues Conscience was started in 2008 to promote the blues in todays rock and metal influenced live music culture. As a band, our roots go deep into some of the greats that have played the blues, such as Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters, B.B.King, Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Eric Clapton and SRV to name a few

After having recorded a demo E.P late 2010 & wining the Chennai Live Band Hunt 2010, songs like Kamasutra, Shagin Ma Dog & Barack Obama have been received with great enthusiasm from crowds all over the country including venues like Blue Frog, Hard Rock Cafe & IIT-B's Mood Indigo. The band is currently working on their debut album which should be ready to be released mid September, 2012

Individually the band's taste varies from rock, jazz, funk, pop and blues of course. On the vocals and bass, we have Anek Ahuja, Aum Janakiram on guitars and Neil Smith on the drums. And on a really good day we have Mr. Sid Kumar on the Keys & Mr. Maarten Viser on the Saxophone

anek Anek Ahuja
Bass & Vocals

Ladies and Gentlemen, some people call me the hoochie, and some people call me the coochie, but you can call me Anek Ahuja. And to get to know me better off stage , I’v been playing bass, for many years, but keep it simple, and I sing songs, with influences from Buddy Guy, Ray Charles. On more sober times, I run an Advertising/Design Agency called Whoa Mama Design.
aum Aum Janakiram
Guitars & Vocals

Hey Guys! I’ve been influenced by the grooviest licks of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and SRV ever since I was a kid and have been at it perfecting the art of blues. I love playing to the mood of the audience whether it’s packing a punch or soothing their soul, every show is different and that’s what keeps me fresh with ideas. A song writer/producer by heart, I’ve also performed with Tin Leaf, No Idea, LBG & Bonfire Collective
neill Neil Smith

Waasup!! I’m the guy who loves to just groove and hold everything together & am influenced by drummers like Ringo Star, Steve Jordan,Steve Gadd who have taught me to keep it simple. No Fancy solo's from me. Thank you very much!
  Maarten Visser

Maarten Visser originally from Holland, now a resident of Chennai, is one of the most talented Jazz Saxaphonist in India. He has a 3 piece band of his own, that does some of the greatest jazz shows all over India. Maarten likes to come to other side of the river and have some fun, with the blues boys, when he’s not Recording & Composing, on the Saxaphone..
  Sid Kumar

As an 5th grade pianist, Siddharth Kumar has been embedded himself into the roots of blues ever since he can remember. With influences similar to the band, Sid has definitely added the 4th dimension to the music and has found himself feeling the blues more than ever. Siddharth also plays with hindi rock band Udhaan & Jack, Johnnie and the Ol' Monk.

1. Bangalore Blues Festival, At Clarke Exotica Resort, Bangalore.

2. Blues Conscience feat. Maarten Visser at Blend, Taj Mount Road.

3. Blue Frog, Mumbai

4. Chipstead, Chennai

5. Blues Conscience feat. Sid Kumar, Taj Coromandel

6. Hard Rock Cafe, Hyderabad

7. Counter Culture, Bangalore

8. Fete De La Musique Chennai

9. Virgin’s 100 hours of Music Rockathon

10.  Up on the Rooftop, Yamaha Square, Chennai

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Local Booking:
Anek - 9884104500

Aum - 9884042886
Overseas Booking:
Sunny: +91 8587906588
Sanjit: +91 9619600415